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    How Big Data is Affecting the Law

    Law is one of the most data-driven professions there is, generating potentially thousands of information-filled files per case. In the United States each year, there's an average of 350,000 cases ...

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    How to calm the anxiety of a client before a trial or deposition

    All the lawyers have passed, they have a case in which compensation for damages is requested and the testimony of the plaintiff is essential. You as a lawyer, you appointment, ...

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    How to Find Work Straight Out of Law School

    After leaving law school, you have the challenging task of finding your first job. While experienced lawyers are often in high demand, new lawyers often struggle to find their first ...

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    How to provide emails as court evidence

    At present, there are still many people who wonder if emails can serve as evidence in legal proceedings. The answer is simple: emails do serve a priori as evidence, but ...

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    8 Skills Every Attorney Must Have

    Although the practice of law can be practiced in different areas, whether private practice, government agency, human resources, or as a corporate lawyer, there are countless legal skills that every ...

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    The best way to prepare a good legal attack

    Just as on many occasions you can talk and talk about the best way to deal with a lawsuit, a controversy from the point of defense, that is, from the ...

21 Nov

Consumer rights on Black Friday

As every year, little by little Black Friday approaches, celebrating the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States (fourth Thursday of the month of ...
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