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    How to be a good client to your solicitor

    When a situation arises where you require legal advice the natural and reasonable response is to go straight to your solicitor and rely on the solicitor to identify the relevant ...

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    Why Would You Need The Services Of Hospital Defense Attorneys?

    There are so many laws that govern healthcare. They keep changing every month. New regulations appear and hospitals need to deal with various different problems that were not expected till ...

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    Legal Steps Worth Considering When Your Finances Are Spinning Out Of Control

    No-one plans for their finances to take a big hit. Unfortunately, whether it's in your control and you missed a step or it's entirely outside your influence, it happens. Life ...

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    Things You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Law

    A master of science in law is one of the best degrees to have today. Aside from working in law firms and corporate legal departments, there are so many job ...

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    Why Lawyers Are Slow In Adopting Legal Technology

    According to many legal experts legal tech has work for lawyers to use IT; legal technology isn’t a category unto itself. Instead, legal tech competes with technology generally including technology ...

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    How to avoid bullying by a police officer

    The police bullying in our country and others is more important than you think. Not many people/victims complain or at least make a formal complaint against this impure act. The ...

11 Jan

How is alimony calculated?

Alimony is a periodic allowance, paid by one spouse to another, decided under a court order. Many states from the US have a predetermined formula ...
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