Criminal law

When is it considered a parole violation?

Any individual involved in a crime or misdemeanor must comply with the sentence that the court or jury attached as punishment for said act, being under arrest for the time necessary according to the infraction, crime or criminal action that the accused has committed.

However, there are different possibilities for him to have fewer years in prison or probation, as long as he has complied with the requirements demanded by the competent authorities.

On the other hand, those people who have been scam victims, non-culpable homicide, negligence in the area of ​​health, among others, are also taken into account. Well, the crime, after all, is considered intentional, but because it is part of it, it still has to comply with the sentence.

parole violation
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The fact is that these types of people are taken into account so that they can apply for parole. But, what happens when they violate the norm regarding freedom by word? How does US law work?

What is probation?

It is a legal release form signed and authorized by the United States Constitution. It is a sentencing process that an offender may have to obtain mediated freedom, since, in the same way, he will be being watched by the competent authorities, and he has the obligation to meet certain requirements in order to continue being benefited by the freedom of speech.

Therefore, in order to apply to a judge for parole, you must have been in prison for at least half of your sentence years, have performed some educational, recreational, or community service activities that contribute to the prison environment.

Terms and Conditions of Parole

  • The defendant must obey all court orders and requirements of the judges.
  • Compulsory compliance with criminal laws and statutes.
  • During his sentence not to have used drugs or alcohol.
  • Have a permanent job. And, if changed, notify the corresponding authorities.

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Does it break the law?

Going against the regulations is considered a serious violation, which has great consequences. Most of them are usually related to different factors that could aggravate the criminal and sentencing situation of the accused.

How is the law violated around probation?

Generally, the regulations between states are different from each other, this means that they can easily vary. Therefore, when the violation of probation occurs, each one can take different aspects of the conditions of the same. However, there is a legal prototype that almost all states have.

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Therefore, the law of probation is violated when:

  1. When you don’t show up on court dates.
  2. He does not report any daily changes in his life. For example, a change in employment, housing.
  3. He has a criminal record for other crimes committed. Either, the non-cancellation of fines or any other.
  4. Consumption of drugs, alcohol or any other type of illegal narcotic.
  5. Being arrested for having committed an infraction.