Family law

What is the purpose of alimony?

The alimony has always been a controversial figure in full and legal uncertainty due to the lack of discretion in the courts, many of hearings and courts have followed differing criteria when granted.

purpose of alimony

The purpose of alimony is to maintain the economic balance that has had during the marriage, with the breaking of it is normal for an economic deterioration to either party occurs. It is in these cases where comes into play the alimony that may be permanent or temporary, is where a number of circumstances must be taken into account.

Formerly it was the man who had to assign women’s pension for being the weakest part economically speaking, but today, thanks to changing social circumstances women can stand well by own, for that reason it is not strange find the reverse situation.

On the other hand, when there is a separation or a divorce does not have to necessarily assign a compensatory pension in favor of one of the spouses, must meet the legally established conditions (which are mainly the income of the party suffering a worsening) so that the pension can be drawn.

If the conditions are met is the judge in charge of regulating the amount and duration of it, it is logical to think that if for example the spouse receiving the pension located another couple and this improves their economic situation the pension is extinguished, for example, if their financial situation improves or gets higher incomes.

The alimony may also be replaced by the enjoyment of certain goods, delivery of goods or money, or even by providing an annuity.