Civil law

The opposition to the trial order for payment procedure

A trial process or payment is included within the civil processes of current legal system, and it is one that occurs when the applicant wants to claim a debt or amount the defendant disposing of documents that credited.

trial order for payment procedure

It may be the event that the debtor wants to refuse to process or, in legal terms oppose it want to deny such debt. Opposition can not be done in an indeterminate or generic way, but in the statement of opposition must be briefly explain what are the reasons for which he does not owe the quantity that he claimed.

This opposition gives rise to the opening of the trial concerned (verbal or ordinary) that will be a continuation of the payment, and that therefore they must claim the same grounds of opposition that claimed in the notice of opposition and not different ones. Therefore it is clear that a separation will not be valid between the notice of opposition and the answer to the demand in the next trial because in that case we would be faced fraud law.

It is therefore not possible to make a very generic answer in the notice of opposition because it could take advantage of this to introduce all sorts of new arguments in response to demand. In short, no place to “reserve” a number of reasons for opposition to then display them on the verbal or ordinary trial, as appropriate, in these cases we would be clearly against fraud law; so it is advisable to expose each and every one of the reasons even briefly to avoid problems in the subsequent trial.