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What is the express divorce

A quick way to proceed with the divorce and safe just like any other. The courts have online services where comfortably and efficiently perform the divorce but this couple must have the very clear things and ask a simple divorce without property or children. The express divorce is as a quick way to get some work. Do you know how it works? We explain below:

express divorce

  • With this type of divorce you’ll get all the recognition of separation in less than two months. To do this you have to have things ready and clear, both members of the couple. Not having doubts about the separation of everything you have in common and have also very clear that what you want is to destroy everything that unites you.
  • Remember that this is a divorce by Internet and through forms, so that you must give precision in each of your answers. In these will be asked personal details, shared properties, reasons for separation, etc.
  • The court will be sending to you as many forms as appropriate to fill out all the necessary information. To complement the whole separation process the necessary forms will be sending to you by steps and this way to verify all your information.
  • Finally you will only need to sign the Settlement Agreement with which the judge becomes the judged to perform the final processing.
  • This type of divorce, as well as being more comfortable and effective, is much cheaper than traditional. This is the same judges and professional lawyers who handled it.
  • In the case where the spouses are foreign, it is necessary to provide certificates of the applicable national law issued by the corresponding Embassy.
  • In these cases of online divorce, you will receive regular information on the steps the court processed, the exact day and hour.