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What to do if I am a victim of abuse

It was recognized that abuse and violence against women were not peculiar to any country, ideology, religion, social class or educational stratum. Throughout the world, violence against women prevents them develop personally and to exercise and enjoy the human rights they have. It is very important that battered women have all the necessary support so she can go out of that situation, here we give some instructions what to do if you are a victim of abuse.

victim of abuse


  • Domestic violence, gender violence, abuse of women… many names to determine a situation that in a single year causes thousands of women died at the hands of their partners sentimental. Beatings, threats, insults, sexual assault, abuse, psychological abuse… an ordeal that most victims suffer in silence, sometimes for years and sometimes for life.
  • Most importantly for this scourge becomes part of a shameful past to the history of a civilized world, lies in the support and cooperation of all sectors of society for children and young people are educated in respect for women in promoting of equality policies and institutional support and citizen victims of gender violence.
  • It is important for battered women set their minds that can come out of this hell. Do not keep silent and to conceal the situation turns out to be critical. Many women “hold up” by the children, by what people say, shame… nothing and no one should be a screen to hide this situation and continue the condition. A battered woman should not stand even for the children, since they too are at risk and suffer the shame and terror of the events in their household.
  • If you are one of many battered women, remember you are not alone. Share your situation with family, friends, your doctor, and above all, reporting the facts to the competent authorities. In each country there is usually a toll free number that leaves no trace on the phone bill, which provides service and assistance to battered women. Call and tell your case. They are professionals who can advise you on the spot.
  • If you do not know the number, call any Security Corps: Local Police, Civil Guard, National Police … At the moment, they are going to become your protectors and know how to act and how to ensure your safety. Remember it is very important not silences your situation and that you should not keep on tolerating the abuse.
  • If you’ve just been abused, tries to tell someone, even a neighbor. Do not pretend you look, or change clothes. All this will support your testimony before the medical and judicial authorities. If you’ve decided to go home, do not forget to collect all your personnel documentation and the relative to previous complaints for the same reason, if any.
  • If you have visible physical injuries, go to the emergency room and take pictures of your appearance and wounds. If there has been rape, do not wash and let doctors examine you. Keeps safe medical reports and communicates the same medical service you have been a victim of domestic violence, themselves, in the protocol, they should be responsible for putting the facts to the attention of the judge.
  • If you are an immigrant woman, in an irregular situation, do not hesitate to report if you are a victim of abuse. Most countries have an obligation to defend abused women even without papers. In these cases, your life and your security are paramount.