Labour law

Types of employment contract: The contract of part-time work

The contract for part-time work is established for a fixed or indefinite period. An employee who is subject to it carries fewer hours than those fixed for a full time (usually 35 hours).

What does the contract for part time work?
The contract for part-time work must be concluded in writing. Otherwise, the employee is considered full-time employee. The contract must contain the particulars below:

  • Function held by the employee;
  • Remuneration;
  • Hours of work for per week or month;
  • Distribution of working hours;
  • Limited use of overtime;
  • Manner in which the employee is informed of his working hours (for change);
  • Conditions of possible modification of schedule.

How many hours the employee must perform?
Since 1st January 2014, the contract must include a minimum of 24 hours per week (or equivalent monthly period). Exceptionally, it is possible to reduce the working hours when:

  • The employee is a student and under 25;
  • The employee is facing significant personal constraints;
  • The employee has several contracts for part-time work;
  • The employee is hired by an individual;
  • The collective agreement in force or the branch agreement so provides. In this case, the times must be scheduled and grouped on days or full half days.

The allocation of slots is controlled. Except agreement providing otherwise, the employee may be subjected to more of a business interruption in a single day of work, and this disruption must not exceed 2 hours.

How terminates the contract of part-time work?
The contract for part-time work concluded for a fixed term shall automatically terminate on the date specified in the contract. An early termination by the employer can not be based on serious misconduct by the employee. On termination, the benefits of 10% of its total gross remuneration shall be paid to the employee. The contract of part-time work concluded for an indefinite period subject to the same rules of rupture than those applicable to a full-time contract:

  • Both parties mutually agree to terminate the contract;
  • The employee resigns;
  • Employers make a dismissal for misconduct or economic difficulties.