What documents can serve as proof of identity?

The ID card, even outdated, allows the holder to certify his identity. The passport also serves as abroad ID. Other pieces, such as a driver’s license, can also be accepted.

proof of identity

The national ID card
The identity card attests to the identity of its owner, even after it expires, when the picture remains faithful to him. If it is plastic, it is a piece of identification secure, operational since December 1995.

Minors traveling abroad unaccompanied by the person exercising parental authority must always have:

  • A valid identity card;
  • And a certificate of authorization to leave the country.

Note: A valid ID card permits to cross borders of countries in the European Union and sometimes even beyond. To find out if your destination country accepts entry into its territory upon presentation of a simple identity card, move closer to its embassy or consulate.

The biometric passport
Since June 2009, the biometric passport replaced the electronic passport. The biometric passport allows you to travel safely. It also serves as identification in most foreign countries.

Children must have their own passport. It is no longer possible to add them to parent’s passport.

How to prove identity without identification card or passport?
Other official documents are used to prove someone’s identity:

  • Driver’s license;
  • Family book;
  • Extract of birth certificate;
  • Voter registration card;
  • Social Security card.