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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before the Hire

How good is the lawyer you’re considering? The outcome of a case is contingent on how the facts are challenged or supported. Finding new angles and forging convincing arguments are hallmarks of a great lawyer.

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Before slamming the gavel on your next law firm decision, consider cross-examining the lawyer in question upon the following:

How and How Often Do You Further Your Education?

How often do they engage in furthering their education? How often do they attend conventions? How invested are they in evolving within their profession? How serious a lawyer considers their career and their own trajectory within gives clients a view into how passionate and committed the lawyer will be regarding the case.

Do You Represent People or Companies in Your Cases?

How often does the office represent companies (usually the defendants) or people (the plaintiffs)? Seek a lawyer with the most expertise regarding your specific case and associated elements. Those who typically represent corporations may lack the insight or approach to win a personal injury case for a one-person plaintiff.

What is Your Experience as a Trial Attorney?

Your relationship with your hired law firm is an investment. Depending on the intricacies of your case, it has a chance of going to trial. The settlement in question becomes contingent on your lawyer’s ability to relay a convincing case to a jury. It’s different and much more intricate as compared to pre-trial needs.

How Long Have You Been in Practice?

Experience creates efficiency; it’s seen in a multitude of industries including music, sports, and law. The longer we do something, the better we become. That sentiment does not discount the presence of prodigies and those who quickly master a subject, but most feel comfortable seeking a lawyer with years rich in experience.

Gauge the firm’s level of experience in relation to the severity of your personal injury case. A case involving thousands to millions in possible gains or losses warrants a lawyer with high experience.

Are There Additional Fees?

Ensure your lawyer instructs you on all possible fees, accounting for whether they win or lose your personal injury case. In some cases, lawyers charge a minimal or no fee if they cannot win the case for you. Other times, clients are charged hourly, regardless of the outcome and the length of the case.

Additionally, complexity and involvement of cases are likely to influence rates and retainer fees. Get a written estimate of your final fees before personal injury lawyers take your case.

It’s important to feel comfortable with your lawyer. Depending on the length of the case, you may have multiple-month contact with them. Aside from the above questions regarding ongoing education, direct experience, trial experience, length of experience, and rates, ensure you settle on a lawyer who you feel comfortable communicating and working with.

A number of choices exist; once settled on a lawyer and court goes to case, you must be satisfied with final judgment. Devote much thought and research into the recruiting process.