The World’s Weirdest Driving Laws

Driving is so ingrained in modern life that it’s no wonder that there are 1001 and different laws relating to it. Even in this country we have some wacky laws regarding driving, but what I thought I would share with you today is some really weird ones from around the world, either so you can have a chuckle, or so that you’re aware of them if you’re ever thinking about going travelling.

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Costa Rica: Drink Driving

Nearly 100% of all countries will have some form of drink driving law, for example in Australia, it is illegal to have any alcohol in your blood whatsoever if you are behind the wheel of a car, however in Costa Rica you are permitted 0.75% blood alcohol level. This is not the weird part, though, as it is perfectly legal in Coast Rica to drink and drive at the same time and by that I mean, you can hold the beer in one hand and steer with the other. That seems safe.

Russia: Dirty Car

In Russia – and some other eastern European countries – it is illegal to drive with a dirty car. I’m not entirely sure how much dirt is permissible in Russia, but it would seem you can get a fine of around $60 if you are spotted with a muddy side.

Germany: Gas Money

We’ve all heard of the German Autobahn, by now. The famous motorways that stretch across Germany are famous for not having a speed limit. This is quite a weird law in itself, however there is another law that states you are not allowed to stop on the Autobahn unnecessarily, which sounds like a sound rule, given the no speed limit thing, however running out of gas is not seen as necessary so make sure you fill up otherwise you’ll be in trouble.

Sweden: Light Up

No this isn’t a smoking law, but actually a law that states that in Sweden you have to have your car lights on whenever you are driving, which means that even if you’re driving at noon in July, you still need them on. Because of Sweden’s proximity to the Arctic Circle there are some areas of the country where the sun never sets at certain times of the year, but they still need their lights on at all times.

Japan: Sober Passenger

This is a rather strict law, but one that is in place for your protection. You should never get into a car with a drunk driver anyway, because you could risk serious injury and having to pay an auto accident attorney a lot of legal fees, but in Japan it is also a crime. Stay safe in Japan or they will lock you up.

Cyprus: Eating and Drinking

If Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is to be believed eating or drinking whilst driving can have the same effect as a unit of alcohol. Clearly, Cyprus agrees with him and so it is illegal to eat and drink whilst driving. So if you’ve picked up a tasty Big Mac and fries on your way home from the gym (still doesn’t make it okay, you know?) and you try to sneak a fry or a sip of that strawberry milkshake, you’re in for a world of pain from the Cypriot police.

And there we have it; some of the world’s weirdest driving laws.

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