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The Right Age to Marry and Avoid Divorce

There is no perfect age to get married. Couples of all ages find love in a variety of circumstances. Some couples marry in high school and remain married for life while others marry in their 30s and divorce quickly. Ensuring that your marriage will last is about understanding what it takes to have a successful marriage and practicing every day.

right age to marry

People Are Marrying Later
While the majority of couples married in their early 20s just a few generations ago, today’s couples are waiting until their late 20s to late 30s to tie the knot. There are many reasons for this change. First, many couples wait to complete their education before they get married. For those who pursue degrees past the bachelor’s, this can mean delaying marriage until they are nearly 30. Others wait to get established in their careers before they choose a mate, meaning that many won’t marry until their mid to late thirties.

When is the Best Age to Marry?
The jury is out on the absolute best age to marry. For couples that want large families, the best time to marry is when the bride is in her early 20s. For couples that want one or no children, delaying marriage can confer many economic benefits. Statistically speaking, younger couples are more likely to divorce than more mature ones. This is often because younger couples, like those in their late teens, often are less financially stable than their older counterparts. Financial instability is one of the major factors that lead to divorce, so in this respect, older, more educated couples have the advantage.

The Downside of Marrying Later
While older couples may have the advantage when it comes to economic sufficiency, they are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to having children. A woman’s fertility starts to decline at age 30, and by 35, her risks of giving birth to a child with defects increases exponentially. Many women delay marriage only to find that they are unable to bear children. This can cause a strain on a marriage, eventually leading a couple to divorce.

For men, delaying marriage can be beneficial. Men often enjoy a larger number of suitable marriage partners as they age. Their growing level of status and income allows them to select from younger women who are at the ideal age for starting families. In contrast, women who delay marriage experience the opposite effect. They often experience a shrinking pool of eligible mates as their ability to reproduce declines.

Factors That Help Couples Avoid Divorce
While the numbers show that marrying young, in the teens and early 20s, is a strong predictor of divorce, waiting later to marry is not an automatic protection. Couples who lack the skills to manage the responsibilities of marriage often find themselves in trouble soon after their trip down the aisle. The key to staying married and avoiding divorce is having the communication, cooperation and interpersonal skills to intertwine your life with another person’s.

The Age Group Has the Lowest Divorce Rate
According to the Centers for Disease Control, men and women who are aged 60 or older at the time of their first marriage have the lowest chance of divorce. There are many suspected reasons for this. Some speculate that the lack of marriageable mates at this stage leads couples to work harder to maintain their union. Whatever the reason, this statistic would indicate that waiting longer to marry represents a better chance at lasting marriage.