Rights in case of flight delay

The delay of the returns, along with the cancellation of the same and, of course, the loss of the suitcases, is some of the most important headaches for anyone who is going to catch a plane. Today, in this article, we will see what rights will assist us in case of flight delay.

flight delay right

First of all, the first thing we need to know is that game frame in which we will be covered by a flight delay in an official way. This is important to distinguish, since the rights emanating from certain national or supranational regulations, the rights or the absence of these will result from the situation being or not being subject to these rules.

All of the above, without detriment – of course – of all those insurances that we can have with private insurers that extend the indemnities, the scope of the same, etc. But if we stick to the European governmental framework, if we stick to what the laws in this regard, we must keep in mind that the rights that correspond to us will be given as long as:

If the flight is made within the European Union, regardless of whether the flight is operated by a flag within the Union or not, the passenger will be covered by the rights set by the community legislation. All passengers who land at an airport in the European Union with an airline that is part of the European Union will also be covered.

In the same way, passengers recognized for the legally established rights will also be those flights with an exit point at an EU airport, regardless of the world airport landing and irrespective of the flag of the airline which operates the flight.

On the contrary, those flights that, while landing in the EU, come from a country outside the EU and the airline is not from the EU, will not be included in the EU’s rights. In the same way, there will be no right to receive compensations collected legislatively in those cases in which they have already received the same from other laws. Of course, it is the case of a US company that flies to the EU and suffers a delay and compensates us according to US regulations.

In the specific case of the delay of a flight, the rights that assist us are the following:

For delays in departing flights the most important point is the delay time. For all cases you have the right to receive information. The right to receive assistance comes from 2 to 4 hours late, if the flight that should be has a distance of less than 1500 km, or, in another end, more than 3500 kilometers.

Finally, for delays of more than 5 hours, the passenger should be entitled to a refund, reimbursement of the amount of the flight or part of the unrealized journey that must be paid within 7 days in cash or similar means (transfer, cheque, etc.), although if the client expressly accepts it, they may offer travel vouchers or other benefits.

image source: dailymail