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Labor rights of pregnant women

During the pregnancy period, there are a number of particular rights that are interesting to know and this is what we are going to discuss in this article.

pregnant women rights

Different are the measures which have been carried out within our legal system so that effectively the labor rights of women and men are the same, so that women are fully incorporated into the workplace in conditions of equality and for increasingly, there is a way to reconcile personal and family life with work life. One of the major milestones in this regard was the so-called Equality Law, which, through Organic Law 3/2007 promoted the effective equality of both genders.

One of the effects that can determine the career of a woman is maternity, a motherhood that has an inseparable process of pregnancy that can also directly affect the work environment of women. Therefore, in order to avoid as far as possible the impact of a woman’s pregnancy in her professional career, there are different labor rights for pregnant women that should be mentioned.

The first existing right in the workplace for pregnant women is the non-obligation to state their pregnancy status until it is evident. In other words, while the woman who is pregnant is not noticeably more sensitive than she is pregnant, she does not have to notify her superiors. All this without prejudice to the fact of which the protection level granted by the protection of the law begins to be applied from the first day in which the woman is pregnant.

The foregoing, the non-communication obligation will not be applicable as long as the performance of their professional activity can pose a risk to themselves or to the fetus. In those cases, it must be communicated and must be done in a reliable manner so that the company takes the corresponding preventive measures and facilitates access to the medical visits of the employee that are necessary.

The company in which a pregnant woman works has the obligation to apply all those specific measures that correspond within the scope of the prevention of occupational risks in the case of pregnancy. The company must also transfer the woman to another job within the company, whenever possible, that is consistent with their situation and provided that this does not change the salary or substantially their working conditions.

If this is not possible, and as long as the woman or fetus is at risk, it will be the temporary suspension of the contract, a benefit that will be covered by the corresponding body.

They will not count as absences from work that can be considered absenteeism all those excused absences for the sake of pregnancy, there can be no discrimination of any kind and the mother may previously enjoy the pregnancy (or later) of the corresponding maternity leave.

As you see, the labor rights of pregnant women are there for your protection and that of your baby. Make use of them.