Family law

Hearing of a child during the parents divorce

During the divorce proceedings, the judge may decide to audition for the child to know his feelings about the situation and meet his future living conditions. Here is how to pass the hearing of the child to the judge.

child hearing

There is no minimum age to audition a child in court. But it goes without saying that the younger children are less easily interviewed as adolescents. Know that the hearing of the child may be required by the judge either by the parents or the child himself.

The judge is required to audition the child when it is the latter who made the request. By cons, it is not obliged to do so if it is the parents who want it. In addition, the judge must ensure that the child knows his rights.

Finally, be aware that the child may be interviewed alone or with someone. The last one may be a lawyer or his parents. A judge shall ensure that the person accompanying is not too much influence on him, otherwise he will refuse. From the end of the hearing, the judge will hold the living conditions of the child after the divorce of his parents.