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Cost of industrial tribunal trial

How much cost a trial in the employment tribunals? Is there a price to apply? Does a procedure financially commit the different parts? Should we pay for a lawyer for a lawsuit against the tribunal? Here are step by step the costs of a trial in the tribunal.

employment tribunals

What cost to submit an application to the tribunal?
The procedure for judgment of the Labor Court is free. We must send a request for referral to the transplant board in our area. We will have to pay fees for opening files of up to €35.

Thereafter, regardless of the length and complexity of the case, we will not have to pay extra.

Take into account however the costs incurred by the procedure, which must be charged to us:

If we decide to appeal the judgment, other charges will be incurred. The amount of the contribution to the appeal will be €150. Attorneys’ fees are variable according to the committed professional. Employment tribunals, we do not need (e) to be represented (e) a lawyer.

Can we be reimbursed for the costs of an industrial tribunal proceedings?
The losing party may be ordered to pay legal costs to the winner. Often this can represent €1,500 rebate on legal fees. If judges rule on this point, however, requires that the request was made when compiling the file.

In an appeal, the rule is the same. Note, however that in the event of abusive appeal, the loser may be sentenced to pay fine €3000.

What aid available to finance a lawsuit against the tribunal?
There are financial aids to provide access to justice for the poorest.
This aid, called legal aid is granted on:

Total aid is granted under €930 of monthly revenue (increased to account for dependents). Reimburses all expenses incurred.

The partial assistance is granted to below 1,393 euros monthly (plus, if we have dependents). It covers 15-85% of the costs.