Ensure student housing

Most young people who are pursuing their studies are required to find housing located as close as possible to their place of training. At the time of development, it is essential to ensure student housing so that it is covered in case of disaster.

student housing

What is the obligation to subscribe to the student housing insurance
Ensure student housing is mandatory for an empty slot, and optional for furnished accommodation. However, it is strongly recommended ‘to ensure student housing, regardless of its category, especially since the owner has the right to require the tenant a certificate of insurance at the time of signing the lease. This evidence is provided each year. The tenant is free to choose his insurance company. Formulas adapted for students are offered by all insurers and mutual students.

Characteristics of the student housing insurance

The selection criteria
Rates of home insurance for students are generally advantageous. The amount of the annual fee is defined by the following criteria:

  • Category of accommodation: the surface of the housing determines the cost of the insurance policy;
  • Residence: housing located in an urban area exposed to significant risks result in a premium increase;
  • Furniture: an estimate of the property owned by the insured may determine the amount of the premium insurance. It will take account of valuables such as furniture, high-tech equipment, musical instruments, etc;
  • Number of occupants: the names of all tenants must be on the insurance policy so that everyone enjoys the guarantees and to be compensated in the event of a disaster.

Like any comprehensive home insurance, provide student housing involves signing a contract stating the required safeguards and additional benefits, including:

  • Liability of the tenant: it is a mandatory coverage systematically included in the contract. It covers damage and injury caused to a third party;
  • Rental risks: the property damage involving the liability of the insured toward the owner of the housing are supported within the limit of the ceiling determines in the contract;
  • Damage in property: If damage caused by fire or water damage, property owned by the insured are covered. The insurer applies a rate of obsolescence and possible franchise is deducted from the compensation;
  • Flight: The value of stolen items determines reimbursement, up to the amount specified in the contract. Franchise and rates of decay are applied.