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What You Must Do if You Have Been Accused of a Crime Abroad

Many people have found themselves, wrongly, accused of being involved in various crimes overseas. Sadly, this number is rising. But, there is help at hand. You do have rights. What is more, you don’t have to suffer in silence. When it comes to resolving overseas issues, it can seem that the odds are against you. Irrespective of what has happened during your time abroad, you have the right to legal representation. You also have the right to speak with your country’s Consul.

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Let’s take a look at what you must do if you have been accused of a crime abroad.

First Steps

As a matter of interest, you must ensure that you contact your home countries Consul. You must do this as quickly as possible so that you can seek the right representation and legal help. Once you have contacted them, make sure that you give as much information as possible. Shed light on why you think this situation may have occurred.

Make sure that you have the address of the prison and the names and details of any lawyers that you may have. You will have to seek out legal representation that deals with your speciality. So, seek out terrorism law solicitors if that is what you have been detained for. Ask the Consul for names of specialist lawyers if you don’t have any information with you.

Following Your Arrest

The key is to keep calm. Make sure that you cooperate with your detainees. While you may feel that you are panicking, the key is to make sure that you are calm and cooperative. Never be aggressive, as this can be held against you. You also need to stress the point of having a Consul with you. If you are a British person, this is your legal right. So, don’t dismiss it.

Important Factors to Be Aware Of

While the Consul will not be able to see you free, they will be able to ensure that your human rights are upheld. Likewise, they will be able to contact your family and kin to inform them of the situation that has occurred. They don’t have to visit you while you are detained, but if you request that they do, they will come out to where practicable. Do make sure that you take advantage of this as they can be a valuable resource in your arsenal.

Finding Legal Support and Representation

Finding the right legal help is imperative during this time. It may be wise to seek out a specialist lawyer to assist you with your case. What is more, you will need to research the law firm to ensure that they deal with your particular problem. Make sure that you are honest in your account and why you have been arrested. Fabricating the situation will not help. Your legal representation will need to have all of the facts to see that you are freed. It is of utmost importance that you find a specialist lawyer. Once you do, you could see yourself on the road to being free.