Consumer law

Understand the concept of commercial solicitation

It is important for a consumer to know whether it is in the presence of a commercial solicitation or not. Indeed, depending on the response of its ability to retract vary. This article will help you to recognize the commercial solicitation cases.

commercial solicitation

Firstly, it is important to define the notion of commercial solicitation. In fact, the Consumer Code defines the concept of commercial solicitation through sales that took place following a survey of consumers in certain conditions.

Thus, any sale that preceded a survey of consumers at their work place or at home is of commercial solicitation. To this end, it is important to note that while prospecting took place on consumer demand it remains in the commercial canvassing.

In addition, a survey via phone call or an invitation to visit a place is also commercial solicitation. Consequently, each time you are in one of the cases previously exposed it is necessary to be conscious of your right of retraction which is 7 clear days as from the conclusion of the sale.