Labour law

How to get partial unemployment?

The partial unemployment or more commonly known technical unemployment occurs when the employee is reducing their working time by his employer. Decrease in the number of worked hours may be due to a reduction or suspension of activity of the company. How to benefit, in this case, the partial unemployment benefit?

partial unemployment

The partial unemployment pay is composed of complementary allowances paid by the employer, the amount of the allowance is fixed by collective agreement and he can benefit from a help of the state for his remittance. The partial unemployment pay is also composed of a special allowance paid by the State.

To qualify for this allowance requires that the employee’s work time is reduced below the conventional working time and that this reduction is due to the decline in business activity or suspension in particular, in the case of exceptional closure of the company.

All employees of the company can not receive this allowance; it is the case of unemployed employees due to a labor dispute, seasonal workers and those whose business closure is greater than 6 weeks.

The employee has no specific approach to accomplish; it is the employer who takes care of all the formalities so that the employee perceives the monthly payment of this allowance. The amount of the allowance is 60% of the hourly wage on condition that it is not less than €6.90 per hour.