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The Benefits of Using an Experienced Conveyancing Solicitor

Seeking a mortgage and moving home is rated as one of life’s 20 most stressful events in the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. The often drawn-out procedure and multitude of affecting factors can make a big move incredibly difficult and stress-inducing, particularly for first-time buyers. An experienced conveyancing solicitor can help ensure that at least the legal aspects of the sale are absolute and clear to all parties.

experienced conveyancing solicitor

The Price
The transfer of money from buyer to seller is often a convoluted process that can take decades, and the myriad mortgages available to buyers can even serve to make the sale even more stressful. A conveyancing solicitor will help both parties understand the total price and the payment process, ensuring that there are no unwelcome surprises in the long run.

What’s Included in the Sale
The dimensions of the property are not always exactly determined by a neat perimeter fence upon which neighborly cups of tea are enjoyed. A conveyancing solicitor will help the buyer understand exactly what is included in the purchase. This will help neighbors understand their legal position in the future should some aspect of the property border come into dispute. Even seemingly small matters such as the ownership of separating bushes can be legally finalized during the conveyancing process.

The internal inclusions of the property will also be finalized by a conveyancing solicitor. This will alleviate the risk of a new home owner turning up to their new home and being alarmed at the lack of a freezer, oven and boiler.

Sale Completion Date
The conveyancing process ends when the keys are handed over to the buyer and the big move can conclude. Breens Solicitors can help the buyer determine their move-in date allowing them to plan removals and affect the buying chain. Skilled solicitors remove the ambiguity of the moving process and in-turn remove some of the attached stress.

Contract Drafting
A conveyancing solicitor may be sought by the seller to draft the initial contract between the two parties. This ensures that every aspect of the deal is legally binding and watertight. Taking this initiative help removes ambiguity and can allay potential legal disputes between the buyer and seller in the future.

The conveyancing solicitors from both parties can be called upon to negotiate the terms of the contract if the original draft is rejected for any reason. This process will allow for a contract, with which both parties are satisfied, to be agreed upon.

Property Rules and Restrictions
With some properties, the ownership does not merely entail the four walls and everything within. Investing in a property can also see the ownership of external features such as land and footpaths transfer ownership. A conveyancing solicitor will be able to determine the exact parameters of the ownership.

Additionally, any planning restrictions will be determined, demonstrating to the buyer how the property can and can’t be developed in the future. This will help the buyer get a truer understanding of how much the property is worth and how much they are willing to offer.