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The Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

An immigration attorney which can be found at is known as an independent practitioner (not connected to the US immigration authorities) who assists clients in dealing with an array of problems related to visas, US Citizenship, green cards, along with other immigration benefits. US immigration legislation is federal, meaning that you will get help from an attorney in any US state, regardless if you are presently residing in another country.

hiring immigration lawyer

Not every immigration issue requires consultation with an immigration attorney. For instance if you simply want to visit the US for a holiday, and are certain you will be prepared to return in 90 days, you might not need any visa whatsoever. But US immigration legislation is extremely complicated. Most of the time, hiring a lawyer can help you save time, frustration and even money (in instances where you may need to redo an application which was done improperly the first time, or defend yourself in the process of removal proceedings after an application goes significantly wrong). There are many kinds of scenarios when you will require a lawyer’s help.

While in an Immigration Court Case
In case you are or have ever been in what is known as an immigration court removal case, get to a lawyer quickly. If the case isn’t yet completed or is on appeal, your whole immigration scenario is in the hands of the legal courts — and you may go nowhere attempting to use the exact same application process as people who are not dealing with proceedings. Regardless if the proceedings are over, you need to ask an attorney if the end result impacts your present application.

When You’re Confused by the Application and Other Paperwork
Even the easiest of US immigration applications requires completing some paperwork, and you may probably be requested to follow a few comprehensive instructions about collecting and including other documents and charges. Make an error and you might find the application returned, postponed, or even declined. Immigration attorneys have handled this paperwork numerous times prior to working with you, and also have the experience and streamlined systems to get the applications prepared with ease. They have computer applications in which they are able to enter your details and print out the forms instantly. Finding an attorney can be really worth your while for the reassurance alone.

Other Reasons:

  • You are not clear about your green card eligibility or any other immigration benefit
  • You are asking for any kind of discretionary relief, like a waiver or asylum, that involves convincing the immigration regulators to make an exception or provide you with benefits that it may not typically provide another applicant in your situation
  • You are finding it hard to acquire a USCIS green card, citizenship, or perhaps another type of immigration benefit
  • You’ve been found guilty of a criminal offense or have committed one and are attempting to enter the US or defend yourself from being removed from the US.

The majority of immigration attorneys will charge a flat fee (usually around $100) to meet and sit down with you to talk over how they might, if you hired them, assist you. Several offer a totally free first consultation. You will likely wish to talk with several lawyers before selecting one to represent you.