Some basic road safety tips for pedestrians

The pedestrian who is perhaps most unprotected in the streets against accidents or vehicular accidents, and certainly the people most at risk in these cases are children and the elderly.

road safety tips

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) each year from traffic accidents causing death are 1.24 million people worldwide, and according to figures provided, half of these deaths correspond to so-called “vulnerable road users” and understood this term to cyclists, motorcyclists and, of course, pedestrians. According to the detail of the figures, 59% of deaths that occur in the world by traffic accidents occur in young adults (15-44 years). Men are the victims of more than three-quarters (77%) of deaths from such accidents.

Figures really alarming and reminding us how vulnerable and exposed to that we are at all times in public, hence the importance and the need for adequate information and interest to implement this information daily as we walk the streets of our city. Here we give you some recommendations that you can consider when we go along the streets.

  • Children, the elderly and the disabled should walk on the street with an adult. In case you to distinguish any of them traveling alone, always ready to provide any help for situations like crossing streets.
  • Never cross a street or avenue near a curve or in places where there is no proper visibility. Always take time to find a place in which allowed to cross safely. Stop, look, listen and cross!
  • Always cross at designated locations for this purpose, such as pedestrian crossings. Never do it in the midst of vehicles, or the middle of a street or avenue. And always remember that when a pedestrian crossing going walk, not run! Maintain order and prudence.
  • Avoid to go along the streets and to cross avenues if you are inebriated.
  • If you have to walk the streets late at night or in low visibility, try to carry a lamp or flashlight, also try to wear bright or reflective clothing. If you go in a group, passing in row.
  • Do not let children play in the streets, parks or always direct them to safe places for this purpose.
  • If there is an event, demonstration or clash, stay off the road and to signal or warn other motorists. Never change a tire in the direction of vehicular traffic, you can get hit, get a safe place to change the tire and wear reflective vest.

The injury caused due to road accidents because considerable economic losses to victims, their families without the emotional pain rooted these misfortunes. Then it is vitally important to inform and educate our children about safety measures that must be implemented when in public transit.