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Seattle child custody

The baby is a beautiful creation on earth and it is celebrated with full pomp and joy. During its growing years there might be disruptions at home by the incompatibility of parents leading to a divorce, marital separation, dissolution of marriage, annulment, determination of parentage, spousal arrangements, etc. The life of the parents will continue in the ways they choose but the child is affected as it needs someone to love, take care of it, hold its hands as it learns to experience the world.

child custody

The enforcement division of Seattle child custody, arises which is based on a condition that both parents are ready to support the child, even when it is not living with them. Support includes financial support and other forms of support such as emotional support, intellectual support, physical care or spiritual support.

The importance of getting child custody support and the right to it has been internationally recognized. The 1992 United Nations Convention on the rights of the child, a binding convention was signed by every member of the United nations and officially accepted by all and it declares that the upbringing and development of children and a standard of living adequate for the children’s development is a common and primary responsibility of parents, also it is an fundamental human right for children. Other United Nations documents and decisions related to child support enforcement include the 1956 New York Convention on the recovery aboard of maintenance created under the auspices of the United Nations ratified by the 64 of the UN member state.

Depending on the law, the payment of the Seattle child support varies like from a custodial parent paying to a non-custodial parent or where there is a joint custody, the child will have two custodial parents or depending on the income of the custodians, like the custodian with the higher income must pay the other. There are various kinds of child custody like. Alternating custody, Shared Custody, Birds nest custody, Joint custody, Sole custody, Split custody, Third party custody.

Apart from the laws that exist, and the court cases some parents arrive at a voluntary agreement without involving court’s by providing with the required financial support and other expenses.

For the enforcement of child custody, either parent, or his or her attorney, must appear at the local magistrate or courthouse to file an application or complaint for the establishment of child support. The information required varies by jurisdiction, Parents must also furnish details relating to their marriage and divorce. Fees for filing applications may or not be present based on the presence of public assistance. It is then followed by the court hearing to determine if they are responsible for child support payments. Then the court confirms the parentage of the child and DNA testing is done, confirmation is done through checking of birth certificates and for the court’s satisfaction some questions on paternity needs to be answered and orders that timely payments need to be done for the child support.

To calculate the amount of child support there are various approaches that the jurisdiction follows, by considering multiple sources of information taking into account the income of the parents, the age of the children living in the home, basic expenses, school fees, if the child has special needs then for its treatment for a disability or serious illness, for determining the support.

If the circumstances have changed and the obligor for example if they are facing financial hardship or if the obligor want modification they can request a court review. In the former case, there may be reduction in the support payments. This right to request applies only after six months to one year after the issuance.

If the parents refuses to pay the child support payment a dead “beat parent” the US Governmental child support agencies refer to clients as not in compliance or criminally non-compliant; and in some cases have had their professional and drivers licenses suspended or revoked for support and shared expenses. The only weapon against this is the system of penalties.

Only the child is affected due to this as it has to be away from its non-custodial parents neither the parents whose time is lost and money or the Seattle child Support attorney or courts for whom this is a good revenue. Many groups have put forth that this should be either hands off government of change of laws are needed.