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Save a fortune with the help of tax attorney

Paying taxes restrict building up of real wealth! It makes sense to utilize the services of a tax attorney and save a substantial amount in taxes by planning a tax strategy for your benefit. Therefore it is useful to get your tax burden under a strategic structure.


A tax reduction strategy may be just what you will help you achieve the same and enable you to gain from your company’s expenses. Your tax attorney will help you to reduce your tax burden by advising you on the legal aspects of taxation. IRS does not inform taxpayers about tax deductions – you have to claim the same by finding out this bit of information from your consultant. Saving in or from taxes is an activity that is more ‘year-round’ than annually, if you wish to reap the benefits to the maximum.

You can legally qualify for tax deductions which are IRS approved. You do not have to seek ‘loopholes’ or avoid taxes or get into ‘red flags’. Some instances mentioned here will give you a fair idea of how you can save a good amount from tax deductions and build wealth to your advantage. You can deduct your automobile expenses – whether you are a business owner or employee if you are not reimbursed on this account, by using the Standard Mileage method of deduction. The relevant forms are available for this purpose. Similarly if you are using your vehicle or incurring any expenses on travel for charitable work assignments, you can claim deductions on the same. These include parking, toll fees, fares, etc.

Education related expenses that are incurred to enhance your professional status and standard and at the same time undertaken for your company or business are taxes deductible. For example – learning supplies, publication of research papers, travel costs incurred on projects, etc.

When you use your personal premises, such as operating out of home for your employer or even if you are a business owner, you are legally qualified to deduct expenses under these heads on your income. However there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to, to do the same. You can deduct losses on your planned investments as well as capital gains; up to three thousand dollars. Similarly, you can lessen the tax liability by planning your retirement wisely and using the maximum limit for deductions on a long term basis. When you make contributions to your IRA accounts you stand to gain handsomely in the long run.

Self-employed people have some more choices. For example SEP or Simplified Employee Plan, or the Keogh Plan. Gifting of assets to children or spouse is always a safe and good option for saving taxes. So is spending on charity or educational trusts.