Immigration law

Responsibilities by becoming a permanent resident

Here are some of the responsibilities that must follow as new permanent resident of the United States:

  • The tax return. One of the requirements to maintain your permanent residence is the present your federal tax return on time, before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and any other declaration of state and local taxes, as the case warrants it.
  • permanent resident

  • Otherwise, it could be taken as an intention to abandon your permanent resident status, jeopardizing the state. There may also be consequences if, as a permanent resident, file your taxes as a nonresident alien.
  • Get a Social Security number. Essential requirement for a permanent resident will be able to submit your tax return and to work legally in this country. To do this, go to the nearest Social Security office or visit the website of the Social Security Administration:
  • Enroll in the Military Service. You must comply with this requirement if you are a male between 18-25 years old. If you have just become a permanent resident you must register in the compulsory military service.
  • To maintain your permanent resident card. It is very important to make sure to renew your green card before the expiration date is met.

Inform yourself before traveling abroad
A permanent resident is free to enter and leave the country smoothly, although there are some limitations, such as: prolonged absence for work or leave to settle abroad. These two cases can be considered as abandonment and could cause loss of permanent resident status or also delay the right to apply for citizenship. Be out of the country for a year or more may fall into this category.

To reduce the risk of abandonment, it is recommended that before traveling to file a petition of “reentry permit” using Form I-131. There is also the Form N-470, presented before traveling, could protect right to apply for citizenship.