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NFL Football Concussion Lawyer

NFL players have been filing lawsuit cases against the NFL due to the fact that they were not informed about the long term neurological dangers of playing the game. Even though the NFL has been aware of this risk since the 1920s, they did not bother to release this information until nearly a century later in 2010. Retired NFL players who are suffering from serious brain injuries are now hiring NFL football concussion lawyers to file lawsuits on their behalf.

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The NFL have recently accepted that the game does indeed contribute to a high risk of head injuries and brain traumas, which, according to scientific evidence, can lead to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative disease of the brain commonly suffered by athletes who have sustained repeated head injuries and hard hits to the forehead, such as boxers and professional football players.

Why Should You Hire NFL Football Concussion Lawyers?
The NFL is liable for the retired NFL players’ head injuries and long term health conditions that are now occurring because of the fact that the NFL never informed its players about this health hazard. The organization is highly responsible for their carelessness and that is why NFL players should now hire an NFL football concussion lawyer who can help them fight their case and sue the NFL organization.

Another reason why these players need to hire NFL football concussion lawyers to file cases against the organization is due to the fact that these players are not only suffering from single head injury, but from chronic brain traumas like loss of memory, mental sicknesses, changes in moods and personalities, cognitive defects, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and major concussions.

NFL players also need to hire NFL football concussion lawyers because they are now also suing insurance companies along with the NFL. The insurance companies are not providing them with the care they need for their physical and mental injuries. One of the football players claimed that insurance companies who are not covering damages caused by a concussion is like an issuer for a homeowner’s policy that is not providing the owner with coverage for their house that caught fire.

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