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I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver, What Should I Do?

Drink driving is still a huge problem in this country. Over ten thousand people are killed as a result of dangerous, drunken driving every year. Across the pond in the UK, the number of drink driving deaths rose by 17% last year. This problem is rising and causing devastation to families all over the country. People take to their cars intoxicated every night. They finish their third or fourth drink and get behind the wheel. As a driver, you are constantly at risk from these law breakers.

hit by drunk driver

Being hit by a drunk driver could change your life forever. That split second can alter everything. If this happens to you, and you’re lucky enough to emerge relatively unhurt, you have rights. You are entitled to compensation and recuperation. That’s what we’ll look at today. If you’ve been involved in a collision with a drunk driver, here’s everything you need to know.

Turn to the insurance first – After the incident, you will be angry and outraged. You may want to seek harsh punishment and take this straight to court. Give yourself the time to come to terms with the incident and think rationally. Often, turning to their insurance company is the best bet. The insurance payout will often cover all the compensation that you deserve. They will rarely want to go to court, especially when drink driving is on the cards. Explore this avenue first.

Especially if there has been a DUI charge – This first point is even more salient if there’s been a conviction. If the incident happened in Texas, the drunk driver will turn to a DWI lawyer. The lawyer will do everything in their power to reduce or eliminate the drink driving charge. If they are ultimately convicted, stick with the insurance route. The guilty party won’t want another day in court with a high likelihood of a jury calling for a large payout. They will settle outside and you’ll get the money you deserve.

Speak to your lawyer too – If no charge has been brought against the driver, speak to your lawyer. You should also seek counsel if you are struggling with the insurance process or they refuse to pay out. Your lawyer will help you build the case and calculate the compensation you are owed. They will help navigate the process with you and you are more likely to get the result you want.

If there is a long term injury – These cases become more complex in light of a major injury. If you have suffered a life changing injury as a result of the crash, you deserve remuneration. These costs should cover your medical bills so far. They should also take into account any further medical bills and alterations to your lifestyle. Most importantly, they should cover your loss of earnings and those of any family carers. This is a complex process so speak to your lawyer.

Being on the wrong end of a drink driving collision is a difficult thing to go through. However, you don’t have to go through it alone. Seek legal counsel and get the compensation you deserve!

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