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Should You Get Compensation? Everything You Need To Know

According to civil law, you can claim compensation for a whole host of things. If you are unsure about whether you can claim money for something or whether you should take someone to court, you need legal advice. When you file a claim against a person or a company, you are, in fact, filing a court case against them. Often, both parties will settle outside of court. That means that the person or business will offer you a sum of money, and you will accept it. That is the best case scenario. The other option means that you will have to go to civil court with your claim.

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Claiming for inconvenience

One reason, which people claim compensation, is because something has inconvenienced them. For example, if a train runs late and makes you miss an important meeting, you might have grounds for a claim right there. It is impossible to say that everyone who misses a train can claim compensation. There are a load of variables, which you need to take into consideration when filing a case. Courts judge each claim on a case by case basis. If a company has caused you a massive inconvenience, though, you should see whether you have a case.

Claiming for a poor quality service

If you have paid for particular services, it is your right, as the customer, to receive those services. When you feel that you have not got what you paid for, you might want to consider trying to get adequate compensation. People rarely realize what rights they have as a customer. When you are paying for something, you have all the power. If you feel as though you have wasted your money, you can ask for it back from the company. Further still, you may be able to seek damages from that business for wasting your time.

Claiming for an injury

One of the most frequent claims has to be personal injury claims. These claims are quite complex. There are often many different things you can seek damages for, and so you can get a lot of compensation. If you have had an accident that was not your fault, personal injury attorneys will tell you what you can claim. Often, you will find that you can claim money for the time you are off work and any money you lose as a result of this. Remember, you need a medical professional to back up your claim.

Claiming for loss of earnings

If someone has caused you to lose money, you can sue them for that amount. Often, people claim compensation for their loss of earnings when they have an accident. You can also file this type of claim when something or someone prevents you from doing your job. It is crucial that you detail all your earnings in a clear way. If you have a salaried position, you should have no problem proving how much money you have lost. If you work at an hourly rate, it might be a little harder to make your case. That does not mean that you should not pursue it.

Claiming for crimes against you

If someone commits a crime against you, you will often have to appear in a criminal court case. Few people know that they can also seek damages from the criminal. If someone commits a crime against you, you have every right to claim compensation from them. For example, if someone attacks you, you can claim compensation for the injury and your emotional distress. Crimes, which involve a face to face confrontation, are often troubling for the victim. Talk to a lawyer and see if you have a case.

Picture source: Dave Dugdale