The Ultimate Guide To Personal Injuries And Claiming Compensation

Injuring yourself is no laughing matter. Even if a trip or fall might seem like nothing more than an inconvenience, you could find that you develop serious injuries. Everyday people injure themselves at home, at work, or in the street.

guide to personal injuries

The injuries occur as a result of tripping over an obstacle on the ground. Or perhaps falling from a slippery surface. You can also sustain injuries in road traffic accidents. Sometimes the injuries you receive are psychological rather than physical. The most prominent example of this is child abuse.

If you have received an injury of some description, keep reading to find out more about what you can do about it.

What should you do once you sustain an injury?
Sometimes there is no point speaking out about an injury that you have received. For instance, receiving a paper cut. But there are times where you would like something to happen as a result of your injuries.

If you got injured in an auto accident, you could inform the police and then report the details to your insurance company. Most insurers will reject compensation claims if you’ve not reported the incident to the police first.

For severe injuries, such as those where you’ve had a hospital stay for a few weeks, you should get a medical report produced for you. That way, you can use the documents as evidence should you need to sue a third party for your injuries.

If you have an accident at work, you will need to log the details down in the company’s official “accident book”. Should your employer not have an accident book, make a note of the details and send a copy to them.

Should you wish to see some action taken because of your injuries, there are many ways that you can pursue this path. First, you can make a formal complaint against the owner of the building or area where you got injured.

That could be your employer, the local council, or even the owner of a building. At best, you can expect to receive an apology. You might even get given assurances of an investigation getting launched.

But what if that’s not good enough? Your next option is to go down the compensation route. You may want financial recompense if you’ve had to pay money for medical bills, for instance. In those cases, it’s worth discussing your situation with an accident attorney.

They can tell you whether you have a legitimate case for compensation, and how much you’re entitled to ask for. Suing someone is the best way of directing their attention to a health or safety issue in the area where your injuries occurred.

I don’t recommend taking someone to court yourself. Not unless you are a lawyer by profession! You could end up spending five or six figure sums on lawsuits only to find the other party got off paying you compensation on a technicality!

I hope you’ve found this guide useful today. Thanks for reading!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons