Family law

How to prepare your estate?

Your estate must be well prepared to avoid family conflicts and difficult situations for your heirs. This act of foresight has some steps. Here they are.

prepare estate

The more wise to start out is to make a donation to the survivor, which allows one or both spouses to express their commitment to return all or part of their present and future assets, to those who survive the other. The donation can be unilateral (one spouse conveying property to another) or reciprocal (each spouse is property passing to each other).

You must then take into account children and other descendants so that they are protected and to avoid conflicts arising from sharing in the estate.

Finally, you can prepare your assets according to its nature and importance. For instance you can put your property good in society; it will be simpler to share social parts rather than indivisible real estates.

Also note you can choose your heirs in the limit where your children and grandchildren keep anyway from their rightful inheritance necessarily, called the reserve.

Finally the donation is an alternative which makes it possible to prepare its succession by donating sound living with the people of the family and his entourage: the disposable portion is also limited, as in the case of a will, if you have parents or descendants.