Civil law

What to do if legal aid is refused?

You have applied for legal aid to resolve a problem in front of the courts. The file is completed and returned. The answer came. It is negative; you are denied the contribution of the State considering that you do not meet the conditions for granting the aid. You can always request an appeal. How to proceed.

legal aid

Following the negative answer, you have one month as from the reception of the answer to ask for a new deliberation of request for assistance.

Send by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery, a request for new deliberation of your file near the legal aid office.

Include in your letter, all the documents in proof (credit, on-debt, dismissal, death…) that could influence demand and make it positive.

Further to your letter, a second deliberation of your request will be held.

The decision will be final and irrevocable. It is therefore necessary to put all the chances on your side.

If aid is obtained, you have a time of a maximum to initiate the procedure for which the assistance is granted.