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How to Make Your Divorce Easier

Going through a divorce is nothing but challenging. You are going to face some of the toughest moments of your life, because you are ending a marriage that was such a huge part of your life. But when it comes to your financial and material well-being, you have to make sure you are being taken care of during these proceedings.

And if you live in Utah, the only way to ensure that you are not “taken to the cleaners” by your spouse is by hiring a top attorney. And the Draper Divorce and Family Law Attorney firm has a long history of helping spouses dealing with divorce cases. What does a divorce attorney help with?

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Child Custody

There are many reasons why an attorney makes sense if you are going through a divorce. The number one reason is to ensure that any matters related to child custody and support are handled in the proper way. Now a lot of people assume child custody and support are linked, but they are separate issues.

Simply because you do not want child custody does not mean you are off the hook for child support, and paying child support does not automatically entitle you to see your children. And in both situations, you need an attorney.

Your attorney will go through your particular situation and they are going to let you know if you have a good chance of getting full or joint custody. They are not going to sugar coat anything and they will not make you any false promises.

If they tell you there is only a 25 percent chance you will get full custody, they mean it. But your attorney will also tell you what can be done to increase your chances before you formally file for divorce or head to court for your child custody hearing.

Child Support

Similarly, your attorney can assist you with matters related to child support. They can take a look at the earnings you and your spouse have been bringing home from the past few years, and they can determine how a split would impact either party.

While your lawyer cannot tell you exactly how much you would get, or be expected to pay, but they can give you a rough idea. For some individuals, learning about the potential child or spousal support they would have to pay makes them rethink the idea of a divorce. It is always best to get such information before either party files.

Dividing Assets

And finally, an attorney is going to assist you in matters related to the dividing of assets. If there is a pre-nuptial agreement, the matter is a little bit simpler to resolve. However, most couples do not have any type of pre-nup in place, which means the assets are divided evenly. The process can become arduous, especially if both sides are unwilling to compromise.

And you will need a strong lawyer by your side, as they are the ones who defend you in court or during settlement talks. And they will only act in accordance with your wishes.

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