3 Traps That May Disable Your SSDI Claim

The issue that many people have with the social security disability benefits claims process is that they may follow all the right steps, in their opinion, but they still get into situations where nothing moves forward. Whether it is a flat-out denied claim, or a process that simply continues to linger without any proper conclusion, there is a great deal of anxiety and frustration associated with SSDI claims. So what can someone do to ensure that they are putting themselves in as good a position as possible when it comes to getting their claims resolved?

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One thing a person can do is to get in touch with a Tucson social security disabilities Attorney. They can really help with these matters, as they have the experience of how the system works. But you may also want to take a look at the three traps that could disable your claim.

1. Believing Everyone is Honest
Make you are completely on top of everything related to this process. When you send your application, do not assume it got there on time or someone received it. Make sure you double check with the social security administration, or you have a tracking number attached to the envelope that you used to send your documents. And if you are contacting the SSA for specific details, make sure you talk to your attorney as well to double check whether the information they told you was the complete truth. It is common for SSA workers to give out information that is untrue, either intentionally or through ignorance.

2. Believing Your Claim is Unique
If you look at the statistics, you will see that around 70 percent of claims are denied the first time. Even after an appeal, around 35 percent of claims do not make it. The worst thing you can do is to think that your situation is unique. The truth is that you are probably like a ton of other applicants. Some of them would have received what they wanted, while others were denied. You have to make sure that you are following all the right steps, listening to your attorney and doing whatever it is you can in order to get your claim pushed through. And you must not get disheartened if you are denied the first time around.

3. Believing A Medical Opinion is All You Need
There are so many people who get caught in the mindset that if their doctor told them they are disabled, social security is going to believe them as well. The truth is that the process for proving a disability is really arduous, and you have to show as much evidence as you can to support your claim. It is absolutely not enough to write that your doctor told you that you are disabled and unable to work. There are proper ways for your doctor to submit the information to SSA regarding your disability. Only when your doctor has provided all the necessary documents and evidence do you stand a chance of seeing your claim progress.

image source: pixabay