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How to know what part-time work contract should include?

Your contract of part-time work is a specific contract must include certain clauses and legal obligation, under penalty of being reclassified as full time work contract. What are the obligations of the employee and the employer in the definition of the contract?

part-time work contract

An employment contract takes the form of a part-time contract if the number of hours worked per week is less than 35 hours or if the month that number is less than 151h. The contracts must be made in writing, in which case it would be reclassified as contracts of full-time work.

Compulsory clauses must be included under penalty also see requalified full time including: the level of qualification of the employee, the number of hours per week or month, the employee’s remuneration, opportunities for changes working time with a period of reflection given to the employee of seven days, the distribution of working time.

A part time job can be set up at the request of the employer or at the beginning of the employee’s hiring or during a contract. It can also be set up at the request of the employee only if the desire to reduce their working time is due to the creation of his company, his health state with the support of a medical certificate is necessary or for family reasons.

The employee is entitled to refuse the introduction of part-time if it occurs during a full-time contract but is not considered grounds for dismissal, but if this development is proposed for economic reasons it may being and dismissal will be said for economic reasons.

If the employer refuses the establishment at the request of the employee, he must prove that no position in the company is possible in part-time and that could harm the company. In general it is not possible to reject the request if the employee is made following a birth or adoption, or if he has been more than one year.