Family law

How to file a handrail?

You are the subject of harassment by your spouse. Your spouse has left voluntarily the marital home. Here are some facts that should be recorded for possible legal action. To this end, it will be helpful to know how to make a handrail to be a shred of evidence.

file handrail

The law allows you to place a handrail by two methods which are:

  1. Either to the police station nearest to your residence.
  2. Either at the nearest police headquarter. Thus, the police will record your statements in a register kept for that purpose.

Then it is important to note that when you submit your handrail you should be as specific as possible in your statements. In fact, your statements must identify accurately the facts raised, the date, the circumstances, the identity of the author and any supporting documentation.

Finally, it is wise to note the registration number of your current handrail so you can use it in a subsequent action. This can be a civil action (divorce or custody) or criminal proceedings (harassment, fraud).