How to avoid getting a DUI

Thousands of people die each year from DUI incidents. It is terrible, really.

avoid getting a DUI

What is DUI and how familiar are you with it? The term DUI means Driving under the influence (of drugs and alcohol). Like everyone else, you probably have read, heard, and look on this in your local news or entertainment celebrities. It is a matter of judgment and many people fail to use the same common sense to avoid being cited for an offence of impaired driving.

There are many ways to steer clear of a DUI citation:

  • Do not drink and drive. It’s that simple.
  • If you plan to get drunk, assign a designated driver to take you home.
  • Leave your car and take a cab.
  • If you hit a party with a group of friends, suggest pitch and hiring a van which can take you to and from a drinking party.
  • If you are drunk, sleep inside your car, turn off the engine, remove the ignition key, and wait for the morning to see if you can handle yourself driving home.
  • Do not justify your alcohol consumption. Light beer, wine, cocktail, or liquor, these all contain alcohol.
  • Turn your headlights when driving at night, but do not put your high beam lights unless necessary. Driving with your headlights off could wrong alert a cop who think you’re under the influence.
  • Do not go under/over the speed limit.
  • Follow traffic rules like using signals when turn and keep your distance from the car when at a stop sign.
  • Do not run a red light.
  • Avoid sudden braking when stopping.
  • Do not weave in and out of traffic.
  • Do not buy a six-pack beer and drink while driving.
  • Respect your people in law enforcement. Speak towards the officer and answer questions directly and points if you are arrested for suspicion of a DUI.
  • Take a breathalyzer test and by all means, walk straight. If you are not guilty of anything, you’ll pass with flying colors.
  • If you are guilty, refuse to take all the tests and plead the fourth, for the fear of the self-recrimination. Remember, you can be cited for probable cause. Refusing to pass tests such as walking straight line, breathing into an alcohol level tester, and other is a right that you can call the police to establish probable cause.
  • Avoid throw caution into the wind. Before taking more than you can handle, consider the consequences of your action. It is not only about your life.
  • Beware areas such as bars, associated clubs and sports stadiums are under surveillance for possible DUI hot spots. The police naturally focus on areas where DUI can happen.