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5 tips for lawyers in environmental law

The environmental law is a recent and rapidly expanding field. Whether one seeks office practice for the government or a nonprofit organization, we guess that the environmental law will be increasingly important in the coming years. Here we give some advice to those who are fond of this area.

environmental law

Take administrative law courses: While it is obviously relevant to take courses in environmental matters, if possible, we also gain knowledge in administrative law. Indeed, lawyers in environmental law are required to work on many issues that affect government administration, either through the development of legislation or political dispute.

Acquire experience to the government: For the same reasons, have experience in a government agency, such as student, trainee or lawyer, is an asset when one wishes to work in environmental matters. For example, a lawyer will have to understand the process by which societies must pass to obtain a permit, and the criteria for granting this permit.

Demonstrate a keen interest: It is not enough to have the right skills, even beyond reproach. As with any other material, it must be shown that there is more than a desire to be employed, but a passion. The academic and professional background of such a lawyer should reflect an interest in the thing. The behavior and lifestyle is obviously crucial. A lawyer seeking to work for an organization to protect the environment will not be very credible if he arrives by “Hummer” truck to his appointment…

Find a mentor and start networking: Especially in government agencies and nonprofit organizations where found the ideal mentors. As a lawyer in environmental law will often be required to work with non-lawyers, it is best interest to seek contacts in the relevant areas. It is also important to invest on boards of directors or organizations in your area, who share your values and your way of doing.

Develop expertise: The environmental law is a broad field; it comes to finding a niche. Some lawyers specialize in the field of air or water quality, other work in the field of energy. Sometimes finding a field of expertise generally repudiated by lawyers can be beneficial.