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Functions of a commercial legal advisor for your company

Each and every stocks trading developed by your business must be developed in accordance with the laws of commercial law. It is therefore essential to have the help of a consultant, specializing in the field of commercial law: do you know what are its main functions?

commercial legal advisor

What commercial law is concerned?
Before knowing the tasks to carry out this kind of professionals and the benefits it can bring to our business, we have to remember what commercial law is. Also known as commercial right, this branch of private law regulates all the rules related to the traders in the development of their profession, as well as commercial transactions legally qualified as such, in addition to the legal relations derived from such operations.

This type of law was created in order to find a solution to the conflict and the activity of entrepreneurs. At the same time, it presents itself as a customary right, since it is based on the custom of merchants in the exercise of the profession. It also comes as a progressive law, since its contents evolve as do the social and economic conditions of this type of law.

As for the content of this branch of law is concerned, you should know that covers issues such as the obligations and commercial contracts, free competition and unfair competition, industrial property made up of the right of trademarks, patents and utility models, bankruptcy law, banking, insurance and financial market, law of navigation both maritime and aerial, the international business law, bankruptcy, titles of credit and securities, as well as the legal status of the employer or merchant.

What are the functions of a commercial legal advisor?
Taking into account all these aspects which this branch of the law is concerned, a consultant specializing in the commercial legal field can offer us a great support in the development of our business. This professional is dedicated to relations between people, contracts and various actions trading taken according to the laws set by this type of law specified above. The latter means that this professional will handle all the rules associated with traders with regard to the regulation of each and every one of its activities.

The functions that the commercial advisers offer to your business can be summarized in some of the following key points. Among other things, this professional is responsible for the constitution of companies and legal entities, as well as extensions of capital.

At the same time, the commercial advisor undertakes studies and economic analysis of management and business viability, in addition to commercial management reports and situation of your company in the market. Alongside with this work, the realization of others also highlights many studies and reports as may be commercial market analysis, study and structural analysis of the organization and the management of your business.

On the other hand, commercial consultants will undertake the corresponding modification of the bylaws, mergers and acquisitions of the company. They are also responsible for the registration of deeds and notarial documents and debiting of the corresponding companies.