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Four Questions Your Personal Injury Lawyer Will Ask You

When you’ve been the victim of an accident or injury, seeking compensation can be daunting. The process is long and complicated and can often scare people away. Recounting the entire accident can also take an emotional toll. It can be tough to re-live the experience and drag up those memories. However, it’s really important to focus on the end goal. You need closure and a financial settlement to help you through.

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Dealing with an accident can leave you with a big financial burden. That’s why personal injury lawyers exist. They’ll help you reclaim the costs and compensate you for the emotional and physical pain. More importantly you’ll get the closure and settlement you deserve. If you’re worried about approaching a lawyer, don’t be. To help ease you into the process, here are four questions your personal injury lawyer will ask you.

What is the full extent of your injury?
Your lawyer is looking to gauge a sense of how badly injured you are. First of all, they are looking for any immediate medical problems. This could be a broken leg, a sprained wrist or whiplash from a car accident. They are then looking for any long-term injury that the accident could have caused. Will it alter the way you walk permanently, for example? The lawyer may also refer you to a medical specialist for examination. Be sure to explain your symptoms in as much detail as possible.

What is the financial burden of this injury?
Before your lawyer can go out and reach a settlement figure, they need to know the cost of the damage. Spare absolutely no expense here. Document every single health care bill. Keep a receipt of every taxi you take to the hospital and make a note of medicine costs. This also extends to your friends and family too. Have they incurred any costs while looking after you and supporting you? Another question to prepare for is, have you suffered any loss of earnings as a result? Finally, are there any long term costs such as altering your home or long term rehabilitation?

How has the accident affected you emotionally?
It’s very difficult to put a price tag on emotional distress, but it is important to bear in mind. In some small cases, there will be no emotional stress at all. However, it’s particularly common in road accidents. Clients often find themselves scared to get back in a car after an accident. They suffer recurring dreams and the sounds and sights rush back to memory. This is an emotional effect and your lawyer will help you find a sum that represents this.

What evidence have you collected so far?
Naturally, a settlement cannot be reached without good, strong evidence. Your lawyer will help you build this evidence through witnesses and doctors’ records. However, you can help them by gathering as much data as possible. Take photos of the accident scene. Recall the exact time, date and conditions. Approach witnesses yourself too. Every small piece of evidence could make a big difference.

Once you have prepared for these questions, it’s time to call your lawyer. Good luck and we truly hope you find the compensation you deserve.

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