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The Financial Struggles of Those Going to Court

When you watch courtroom dramas on TV, all of the struggle is confined to the screen. Tempers flare, truths are uncovered, and mysteries are solved. But when the credits roll, we forget about the characters, the lives and families they return to, the other issues that fill their days. In real life, your lifestyle outside of the courtroom will have little or nothing to do with court cases.

going to court

Generally, people only end up in the courtroom, either as plaintiff or defendant, during times of great duress. For both parties, lawyers services can be expensive, work is often missed, and medical bills may be racking up due to injury. In all of these cases it can be very difficult to finance justice, leaving some to simply grin and bear an offense, never taking it to court and receiving the justice they deserve. This should not be the way things work, but sadly, it still happens. Luckily for people who need justice but can’t afford it on their own, there are many lawyers who don’t take a fee until they win a case.

These are usually known as “No Win No Fee” lawyers, and they live and work around you. If you have been hurt, slighted, wronged, or in any way deprived of justice, your rights, or your fair share, you may want to avail yourself of their services. It’s a sad state of affairs that the system would need to work this way, but this is perhaps the best solution. These sorts of lawyers are a step up from public defenders, who are paid by the state regardless of the outcome of your case. Because they don’t receive a percentage of the money you might receive as remuneration for a wrong, they aren’t necessarily motivated to work any harder to see that you win your case. This is not to say that there aren’t great public defenders. But it’s always sensible to assume that people acting for their own interest, in the public sector, may be motivated to dig deeper, stay up later, and work all around harder than someone who will not have an interest in your case after it is resolved.

So if you need justice, either as plaintiff or defendant, don’t cheat yourself by staying out of the courtroom or settling for representation assigned by the state. Give yourself a fighting chance with a lawyer who will work for free until you win your case. If you don’t win, you won’t have to pay anything at all. And if you do, you’ll have plenty of money to cover the fee, while you enjoy the benefits of a battle fought and won. Lawyers like these are available anywhere lawsuits are engaged, so if you find yourself suddenly embroiled in a lawsuit, one that you did not anticipate or desire, make sure that you take the time to find one of these. Examine their success rate and reputation, and soon you’ll have found a lawyer who can best represent you, all the while working with your finances.