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Difference between US Waivers and Canadian Pardons

Even though US waivers have been used since 1951 with the passing of the US Immigration and Nationality Act, the popularity of these waivers have grown due to the US tightening their borders after the terrorist attack on the United States on 911. United States Customs has also been actively working against illegal aliens crossing the borders into the United States.

US Waivers and Canadian Pardons

Canadian pardons have also been in existence since 1985 with the passing of the Criminal Records Act. However, there is a new bill that is going to be passed by the Canadian known as C-23B by the Canadian government which will change pardons to record suspensions. Due to all these changes, it may be even harder to receive a pardon or US waiver and you may have to choose which one is the best for your situation.

No matter which you choose, both involve paying fees that are expensive to receive the rights you should have if you were not convicted when it comes to crossing the border. The main problem is that in most cases, you may need both of these, but with the new laws you may have to choose which can be detrimental to your life especially if you need to find employment in Canada but also need to cross the border into the United States.

A few years ago it was not very difficult to obtain a US entry waiver; however, now the United States only and waivers for one to five years and there is a wait time for each time you apply for at least one year or more. Today, the Canadian has nothing to do with issuing US waivers but the organization that provides the waivers is the United States Department of Homeland Security. The agency is behind on all applications due to tighter border security.

Canadian pardons have not changed as much but it is a very long process that can take from 1 to 2 years to obtain all the information and for the completion of the process.

The worst part of all is that both of documentations have all kinds of legal jargon and must be completed exactly if you wish to obtain a US waiver or Canadian pardon. With the complicated application process it is best to get advice from a professional or the money you spent all applying may be down the drain as your application can be rejected. In order to ensure that your application will be accepted, a professional can help you with the entire process. Making a decision if you need one or both documents will be easy to decide if you seek professional help from