Drunk Driving Consequences: Tougher Laws for Offenders

Drunk driving consequences have always been serious. But many states are passing Zero Tolerance laws for individuals who drive under the influence (DUI). While an attorney can plead your case and help you reduce your sentence, you may want to be familiar with the ways the laws for drinking and getting behind the wheel of your vehicle are becoming tougher.

drunk driving consequences

The Consequences of Drinking Driving
Whether you’re at a party, celebrating a promotion with co-workers or unwinding after a long week at work, alcohol consumption can impair your judgement. This is especially dangerous if you get into your vehicle and make your way home while under the influence. Although getting pulled over may be a first offense for you, states are enforcing stricter laws that judges must follow.

Drunk driving consequences can include jail, court costs, attorney fees and an increase in your insurance rates. You could also have your vehicle impounded, lose your driving privileges and have to do community service time. The embarrassment of an arrest following a DUI is the least of your worries. The repercussions could affect your employment and lead to a loss of income. One of the worst consequences is injuring or killing another individual because of your carelessness and poor judgement.

Raise the Legal Drinking Age
Over the last twenty to thirty years, states have passed new laws in hopes of reducing the number of drivers who operate a car while drunk. Unfortunately, underage binge drinking can account for a large number of alcohol related accidents. Monder Law Group has successfully represented clients who are facing DUI, hit and run, suspended license and vehicular manslaughter charges. This can be extremely helpful as all states in the United States now have a set legal drinking age of 21. Two thirds of states in the U.S. have also enacted regulations that allow an officer to seize the license of any individuals who fail or refuse to administer a Breathalyzer test. There are also Habitual Violator laws in place to protect the roadways and make them a safer place for innocent victims to drive. The consequences of drunk driving can include extended jail prison time and felony charges.

Suspended License
States such as Florida are super strict in regards to drinking and driving. If you’re charged with a DUI or you refuse to take a Breathalyzer test, the state will automatically suspend your license for 6 months. This makes an accusation a major deal to manage, even if you aren’t found guilty. In some areas, it’s only when the case has culminated that individuals are able to drive again. That’s after being found not guilty at the trial or the charges have been dismissed.

Jail Time for First Time Offenders
In Tennessee, Georgia and Arizona, first time offenders of drinking and driving will be required to go to jail for the offense. Other states offer probation as an alternative to the crime. All states consider blood alcohol content levels (BAC) at .08 to be the legal limit.

Is Easy Access to Breathalyzers the Answer?
One of the worst side effects to abusing alcohol is the impairment and loss of memory. Once a person has reached .03, they have lost their judging abilities and are no longer capable of safe driving. But is the latest technological advances the answer to reducing drunk driving? Breathalyzers now come in personal sizes and are small enough to be stored in your pants pocket or a purse. Vending machine Breathalyzers are also in great demand. The best way to reduce irresponsible drivers from manning the wheel of a car after drinking alcohol is a Breathalyzer test. Restaurant and bar owners see the advantages of installing the vending machines in their establishment. They can do their part to keep the roadways safe and protect their places of business from costly lawsuits.