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Innocent Until Proven Guilty: How To Beat A Criminal Charge

A criminal charge is one of the worst things any human being can experience. There is nothing worse than the prospect of jail, especially if you are innocent. And, you are innocent. As the law dictates, you are not guilty until the jury passes its final verdict. So, until that point, you need to fight against the charge will everything you have. That is the only way you will beat it and come out the other side. To help you win your battle, here are a few tips that will come in handy should the situation arise.

Intervening Before The Charges
The most effective and least stressful way to beat a criminal case is to stop it in its tracks. Although it doesn’t happen often, prosecutors can decide to stop the charges. Now, you shouldn’t contemplate doing anything illegal because that will make the situation worse. However, you can try and prevent the charges from going any further with legal means. Your best bet is to talk to the victim to show them that you are innocent. Then, they will inform the police who should change their line of attack.

Going For A Dismissal
It is possible for the police and the prosecution to drop the charges after they file them with the courts. Obviously, they don’t want to do it because they believe they have enough evidence. It is your job, therefore, to show them that their evidence is insufficient. There are numerous ways to achieve this goal, such as providing them with an air-tight alibi. Or, if that isn’t on the cards, you can question the process. Did they read your Miranda rights? Did they provide you with an attorney? Did they abuse you in any way? Any of these are grounds for dismissal.

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Let The Situation Play Out
What might seem like a bad situation now can change in the future. And, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and wait. It isn’t uncommon for the prosecution to realize there isn’t enough evidence to win the case. For example, the prosecution might find out that a witness is unreliable. Or, they might not have the forensic tests. As unlikely as it sounds, it does happen. And, it can take a long time for them to realize something is wrong. Talk to your attorney and see what they think, but don’t be surprised if they tell you to sit tight for a while.

Take A Plea Bargain
As unpleasant as it sounds, you might not win the case. If that looks likely, you should come to a deal. Then, as long as you don’t commit any probation violations, you might serve half of your sentence. Plus, you might get your sentence reduced in the first place. It is a hard pill to swallow because jail is a scary prospect. However, the prospect of doing a year in jail instead of ten years is much more comforting.

Whenever you face a criminal charge, you have to do what is best for your future.