Consumer rights on Black Friday

As every year, little by little Black Friday approaches, celebrating the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States (fourth Thursday of the month of November). On this day many consumers take the opportunity to buy their preferred products at great discounts, in many cases even advancing Christmas shopping to take advantage of these offers.

rights on Black Friday

Although its origin is in the United States, in other country Black Friday wins more followers every year for the cause. It is hard to believe, but the sales figures of some companies on this day even exceed the Christmas campaign.

Another date we have to be marked on our calendar is the Cyber Monday definitely the strong online shopping day. This day is celebrated on the first Monday after Black Friday or, put another way, on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the US.

Tips and consumer rights on Black Friday

If you are already determined to make your purchases in promotions such as Black Friday, you have to take into account a series of rights and tips to avoid having any problems. In any case, we advise you to avoid compulsive purchases, buy only what you need and do it responsibly.

Original price

It is important that next to the price with the offer or discount the original amount appears, to know exactly how much money you are saving. It is also permissible to show you the original price and the applied discount percentage.

Payment method

Some stores may impose a payment method during these days, preventing you from paying with other means of payment that are accepted in the rest of the year. In this case, the notice must be visible so you can pay without any problem. It’s happen exactly the same with the return policy.

What is very important is that the final price cannot vary, regardless of the form of payment you use.


Even if the product is reduced price, it must have the same guarantee as if you bought it at its usual price. The reduced products must have exactly the same characteristics, not being able to sell products with defects or defective as reduced. The warranty is two years for new products and one year for used products.

After-sales service

More of the same, the after-sales service has to be exactly the same as always, without exception.

Money back

This aspect is not strictly regulated, and we are subject to the store’s return policy. It is the employer who decides whether to return the money in cash or, for example, a redeemable voucher.

Invoice or purchase ticket

Of course, in Black Friday you are still entitled to the simplified invoice or purchase ticket. It will be essential if you decide to change or return the purchased product.

Online shopping

In telephone or online purchases you legally have up to 14 days to return the product, regardless of whether we are in a period of sales or not.

If you analyze carefully these tips, you will realize that all the above is summarized in a maximum: in Black Friday prices are reduced, but never our rights as consumers.