Legal Tips

Choosing a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer must not be made lightly. It is important to choose the right person who will accompany you throughout the procedure regarding your privacy or your professional life.

choosing a lawyer

Choosing a lawyer: criteria to determine
Your choice is totally free. However, it is best you move closer to a competent person.

Lawyers are not all generalists. They sometimes have a specific area of expertise. They specialize in employment law, family law, corporate law…

You will easily find internet sites of Council of the Bar with coordinates the Bar Association and their specialties.

Making contact with your lawyer
You must create a good relationship with your lawyer and you feel sufficiently reassured him confident your case and therefore a part of your life.

The contract between the lawyer and the client says “personal intuition”, that is to say that it is made in consideration of the person. The relationship between the contracting parties is singular.

Relationship based on clarity
For the relationship between lawyer and client to be sustainable, it must be based on clarity.

The most important point is the clarity of fees. You must request at the first appointment the lawyer to provide you an honorary agreement which will set out his conditions of work and the collection of fees.

Determining fees is free. The amount is determined by mutual agreement between lawyer and client. They are evaluated according to several criteria, including:

  • The reputation of the lawyer;
  • Experience in the field of competence;
  • The nature and difficulty of the case;
  • The result achieved and the services rendered;
  • The cost of running the case;
  • The speed of response;
  • The economic situation of the client…

There usually has five methods of calculating fees:

Fees based on the time spent: It retains appointment times, drafting of documents, research documents, investigations, travel …

The fee package: Fixed and final fee for specific procedures;

Fees for result: Compensation lawyer then has a fixed amount and a supplement;

Subscription: Flat monthly fee in return for regular benefits.