Labour law

Allegations of misconduct by employee

As an employer, you must make sure that the personnel that you use is trustworthy, respectful and reliable. Fault of the employee is a term that covers a multitude of sins ranging from inappropriate behavior such as bullying in the workplace for the theft of company property.

misconduct by employee

In short, it is any behavior or conduct which has an adverse effect on the operation of a business. While you will have had access to certain information such as employment history employees, it is still impossible to absolutely guarantee their behavior and moral force at all times. However, there are steps you can take to monitor your employees and defuse unpleasant situations in the bud.

When monitoring is spoken, many people imagine hidden surveillance cameras and electronic listening devices. In modern workplaces, covert surveillance is rarely accepted as evidence in court. Instead, it is considered detrimental to employees’ rights and has even been cases where employers were prosecuted for implementing these measures. Rather than trying to capture your staff, it’s much better to be open about your company policy, especially concerning monitoring.

Be honest with your staff immediately cultivates respect and also ensures that the law is on your side. It is a legal obligation to explain to your employees how they are controlled, which is who will and your reasons for doing so. In addition, the level of supervision and equipment you use should be in direct proportion to the matter in hand. In situations where these methods seem to be the only option, it is easy to forget that your employees have rights too.

It is essential that you remember that you are legally obligated to allow your employees to have copies of any materials you collect. You should also make sure that your methods do not interfere with their unnecessarily either professionally or personally. To ensure that everyone know the facts.

Conversely, many employees do not know that you, as their employer, have certain obligations to their health and personal safety. Explain security measures before they are implemented allow your staff time to consider their position and come to you with any problems they might have before security measures are effective.

This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to dispel their fears and solve any problems that you may not have considered. You’re more likely to get the cooperation and trust of your employees if you can give them a glimpse of your views on the situation that has arisen. It may pay to remind them that the situation should be a compromise to their health or safety anyway, and then you should assume a degree of responsibility in case the police get involved.

However, even before the installation of surveillance equipment, it is essential that you are in possession of as many facts as possible. That using surveillance methods as a reasoned and intelligent response to a situation can expect to head to reach a positive resolution.