Labour law

10 reasons employers need lawyer

If you are employer and you think that employment law solicitor will only be used by your staff in the case of a grievance against your business, then you might be surprised to discover that a lot of work in employment law is made for the employer, not the employee.

employers need lawyer

  1. If you need to take disciplinary action against a staff member, you will want to ensure you follow the letter of the law, so that there can be no return, and you’ve done everything legally.
  2. If you are accusing an employee to do or not do something, then you will want to make sure you have the evidence and any other evidence that you need. You might want to take a lawyer so that you don’t break the law or company policy yourself.
  3. Your company could face an allegation of racism, intimidation or other discrimination in the workplace. You want to ensure that your company has taken the necessary steps to stop and maybe talk to a specialist in employment law, so that you know what is expected of you.
  4. You might be having to lay off staff and want to know how to go about it. You do not want to leave your company must pay additional compensation because you did not follow the correct procedures and processes.
  5. If you have to fire someone, you want to ensure that you can do legally. You want to dismiss the person must then go through an appeal process, or that they can not be dismissed because of a formality, or something that you had overlooked.
  6. You will also need legal help with writing contracts so that these are up to date, and you do not expect your employees to work an illegal number of hours and make sure you have appropriate complaint.
  7. If your employees need manuals go about their tasks, or you must ensure that certain regulations and policies are followed properly, then you will want to ensure that these manuals are legally binding, and as well as in cases where someone does not follow the guidelines, appropriate measures may be taken.
  8. You can have specific internal policies relating to use computer or telephone, or for drivers of company cars. You must ensure that these policies have been checked by a lawyer, so these are legal and that the staff knows their importance.
  9. You may have to deal with unions in situations where staff are unhappy, or there was the threat of an increase or reduction in hours of work or dismissal. Taking legal advice, then you’ll know the best way to deal with union members that could threaten industrial action.
  10. You may have legal questions regarding any aspect of being an employer, why not get the information you need before a situation worsens or reassuring?

Now you know more about why the law in the workplace is so important for employers and employees, perhaps it is now time for you to seek the advice of a labor law lawyer.