When justice or medicine is wrong

In life, zero risk does not exist in practically none, not to say absolutely any activity or action that is carried out. Living in it carries a risk and that has to be very present. In the same way that it must be kept in mind that in all areas the necessary measures must be taken to ensure that this intrinsic risk is minimized as much as possible, and this of course also concerns the areas of justice and health.

justice or medicine

Sometimes, when a disaster occurs, an accident or something very serious, is due to malpractice, to bad faith or, directly, to fraud of who caused this misfortune, accident or event, but on many other occasions, the majority could be said, there is no malpractice, bad faith or fraud in decisions or actions that can lead to fatal consequences. That is something you have to keep in mind, as accusing whenever something happens bad someone is a widespread practice which, in many cases, does not conform to reality, because in the vast majority of cases there is talk of mere accidents, of mere circumstances that could have been avoided.

Not all events have a culprit, but if a person is responsible and, as was said, it is not a matter of seeking guilty, it is true that there are responsibilities that must be addressed and that, on the other hand, should be allowed to compensate the damage that it may have caused (even if inadvertently) to the injured party.

In all areas of life this can happen and happens, but without a doubt, two of the areas where errors or accidents have a greater significance for the impact that the affected person can have are the areas of justice and health.

Both areas are particularly vulnerable because, on the one hand, the issue of justice is talking about sensitive issues such as the freedom of people, among others, and in the field of health is talking about something so transcendent such as proper health, as the physical integrity of people, and even one’s own life.

In the population as a whole, there sometimes seems to be a belief that when in these very important and sensitive areas the word allowed to be unfair, some mistake or accident, it is very difficult to persecute those who have committed injustice or who find it very difficult to be compensated for the error or accident that has been suffered, but nothing further from reality.

It is true that when one faces certain entities or organisms, certain professional profiles, it may seem that it is not easy to face them and much less to win, but in reality, it does not have to be that way.

Obviously, front one will come with powerful constituencies, but obviously also if you have the reason and the evidence to prove it can be won. Moreover, this concept of unionism, in many sectors, and opacity, may be true in some cases and that left some loopholes but increasingly we are facing an open society in which the abuses of old no longer occur.

In today’s environment, there are higher estates, agencies and entities that ensure the proper functioning of the systems and that seek the recognition of rights, so that it is increasingly easier for them to be respected and compensated for damages caused. Of course, obviously, this is not a carte blanche to claim everything and whatever comes to us because, on many occasions, there are many people who believe and think with all reason of the world and the bad ones are always others and the administration that “pursues” them when in fact it is quite the opposite.

One last point: in most of the professions we are talking about, the professionals who carry them out have civil liability insurance and others that protect them in the event of mistakes, accidents, etc. So, on many occasions, it is not even a matter of litigating, but of moving sufficiently the threads to collect which corresponds.