What You Should Not Do After a Traffic Accident

Auto accidents can be terrifying, no matter how serious or how minor they might be. It can be difficult to know how to react after getting in a wreck, but the steps that you take in the moments, hours and days after your accident can make a major difference.

traffic accident

Do Not Leave the Scene

Even if the accident is minor, you should not leave the scene of the accident until a police report has been filed. In most cases, you should not move your vehicle at all after getting in an accident; then, the police officers can get a better view of what happened. On particularly busy highways or freeways in Houston or any city or town, you will need to pull your car safely off of the road if possible until the police have arrived.

There are several reasons why you should not leave the scene of an accident. First of all, you could find yourself with a costly ticket; in fact, if someone eventually gets severely injured or killed because of the wreck, your charge could escalate to a felony. Secondly, failing to get a police report can make things difficult with your insurance company.

Do Not Lose Your Cool

After getting in an accident, it can be easy to lose your temper or to break down and cry. Yelling at the other driver or getting emotional can cause you to make mistakes, so it is best to stay as calm and cool as possible after getting in an accident. Ask the other driver if he or she is alright, and take the proper steps in calling the authorities. If you are not calm, you might have a difficult time accomplishing these necessary tasks.

Do Not Admit Fault

Apologizing or admitting fault could cause you to get a ticket that you do not deserve or could end with you needing an auto accident attorney. Even if you think you know who was at fault, you should wait until the police take a report. Then, you can hire a traffic accident attorney if you feel that the report that the police made was in error.

Don’t Forget to Call 911

If no one seems to be injured on the scene and if you want to get away from the scene as quickly as possible, you could be tempted into skipping the necessary 911 phone call. It is essential to get checked out by a medical professional after getting into a car accident, however, even if the accident was minor. You, the other driver or one of the passengers could have a concussion without even knowing it, or other injuries could be present. It is best to get medical assistance as quickly as possible to preserve everyone’s health.

Do Not Forget to Document Everything

It is easy to forget things rather quickly, particularly in an accident or other similar situation. Therefore, you should jot down everything about the accident as soon as possible. Also, remember to hang onto any paperwork that you are given, such as insurance information for the other party, a ticket that you might have received and the police report.

Do Not Try to Pretend it Did Not Happen

It is natural not to want to think about negative things that happen in life, but you cannot just forget about your accident. It is essential to seek medical assistance if needed, and you will need to communicate with your insurance company to handle the necessary paperwork and to have your vehicle repaired. You may also need to hire an auto accident attorney, and it is best to hire your lawyer sooner rather than later if possible.

Being in a car accident is never a good situation, but remembering not to do these things can help make the aftermath after your wreck a lot easier to deal with.  
Remember to wear your seat belt. 87 percent of all drivers in 2013 used their seatbelts but this number needs to increase to reduce auto accident fatalities.